Waterproofing Masonry New Crown

Minor issues with your chimney are difficult to see from the ground, but they can lead to major problems. Our technicians are available for expert chimney repairs that protect the integrity of your chimney while also ensuring your roof and home are protected.  From chimney waterproofing or basic masonry repairs to a new chimney crown, our team has the skills to handle your repair.

At Tony Newman Roofing, we check and repair the following on any residential chimney:

  • Flashing and caulking – We check for loose or damaged flashing, replace any portions that have deteriorated, and caulk all seams and gaps.
  • Bricks – Cracked bricks can lead to spalling and several bricks becoming loose, which can lead to significant damage from seeping water. We use crack filler at the first sign of a crack to prevent further damage.
  • Mortar joints and chimney crown – While minor cracks can be sealed, missing or loose mortar joints or a cracked chimney crown need meticulous repair to retain the integrity of your chimney, including replacement of missing pieces. We provide tuckpointing, which involves removing and replacing damaged mortar to match your existing materials.

If you suspect your chimney is damaged or deteriorating, contact us today for a chimney inspection and a free estimate for any needed repairs.